March 2, 2014

Reviewing Free Apps

I've gotten a bunch of free apps from Amazon's Appstore for Android, so I've decided to share my thoughts on some of my newer favorites.

I heard about this game from Apple users who loved the game, so I'm glad it's finally available on Amazon and that it works perfectly on my Kindle Fire HD. :) It's so much fun to play Phrase Friends with people I know as well as random opponents. I recommend this app for anyone that enjoys word games and/or games like Wheel of Fortune. Fun game!


I was looking for a good "notebook" app and ColorNote has been really useful so far. I've used it several times for writing reviews and other things. I haven't used the checklist option much, but from what I can tell it's great if you have a use for it. I like how you can change the color of the notepad and the calendar is nice. I also love how you can archive the notes you are done with so the main page isn't filled with old notes. I love this app!

Adobe Reader

This app is really useful for me. It's a great app to download and read PDFs on. There have been a couple documents that didn't work on the Kindle Fire itself, which is why I got this app. It works great and I love it!

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